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Shock Absorber OVERLAND Raccoon "Resizt"

 Overland Shock Absorber Raccoon Jump: soft, firm, still and new driving experience
The Ultimate Class Suspension By OVERLAND

Shock Absorber for pick up and SUVs with 100% satisfaction

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shock resizt 


1. It is the real Monotube system oil and gas that calculated, designed and developed specifically for different road.
2. VMP (Variable multiple port ) valve system that response to all situations Adjusting the stickiness by the road condition for you to enjoy driving and confidence, to touch with the new driving experiences with soft, firm and pleasant drive.
3. 1 year warranty with no distance limitation; if any side broken we change the pair for you, no waiting for repair and re-billable not to dispose it.
4. The product is developed and distributed by Overland; you can be confident on pre and post after sale service.



Mono & Twin Cre ENG


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