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OVERLAND TEAM have been in the industry of off-road automotive parts and accessories manufacturing or more than ten years. Our past experience have made us realize and understand the consumers’ requirements and the automotive accessory market of 4x4 vehicles and similar ones, such as cars for cross country rally.

We thus create our products under brand OVERLAND as another alternative for those who prefer this style of car decorations. Our stylish and unique products enhance and present the taste of car owners. OVERLAND products are made with the intention and attention to every detail of every process, from designing, manufacturing until quality inspection. Therefore, you can be assured that OVERLAND products respond to your application in cost-effective manner, take you to overcome all obstacles on your journey with confidence, and catch every eye on the path you cross over.

OVERLAND Logo image is inspired by the lofty mountain that represents to security, challenge, and the most desired destination where all people want to reach; it tells a story of the superior people.It is the root reflecting our identity. OVERLAND products are derived from the collective experience of a long journey of travelers with many stories and lives of people. Our products also represent the respect for the spirit of the land as the foundation of all things, the unity, and the diversity in the same period of time.

Innovation, Manufacturing, and Development of Products

OVERLAND products are manufactured under ISO 9001 standard with modern machines and control of all production process by our engineers. We strive to develop innovative products that suit the application of everyday use by maintaining the remarkable unique and aesthetic of OVERLAND style. We also never forget to focus on the safety in the use, the cost effectiveness, and the durability in real world applications. So, every working day of us, we work hard so that our products can serve you with most efficiency and worthy. 

Why buy OVERLAND products? "Outstanding, distinctive, and functional design, Exquisitely crafted by the most experienced Thai technicians, Quality materials and manufacturing processes with automotive industry standards, Installed without car modification."


Selling and Producing Products

  • Rear and Front Bumper, Side step Board,  road bar, roof rack and automobile products in Off-road styles
  • Equipments supporting capacity or safety in off-road automobile driving
  • Products concerning camping equipments


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