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 OVERLAND brand is recognized all across the globe. We are forever tied to freedom capability and adventure. Every Overland customer has a unique story to tell about their own adventure. Our stories are your stories. Overland customers have always known that for us, go anywhere, do anything is not just a story, it’s a way of life. Explore our unique product line up, and create your own off-road story.


 The Overland trade mark is made up of many adventurers who have shared inspirational stories of their travels.

It is these stories about thousands of miles spent on a path, in combination with the spirit of the creative mind, which have brought to fruition Overland’s unique goods and services making them a leader in the industry for over ten years.
          Here at Overland we listened to our customer’s feedback. Working with our engineers, and our design team we can create exactly what they want and need, in real time. From the trail to the factory then back to the trail. Overland 4x4 products are both fashionable, and functional. From the beautiful yet rugged feel of the powder coated tubes, down to the aggressive strength of our skid plates, you know you’re getting the best in quality and craftsmanship.
          On Overland’s premium products we use a special Brass plaque and logo stencil. Our plaque, designed by a Thai International Team of Engineers, expresses how we feel about bringing value and creativity to our products. Brass signifies beauty, workability and durability. It is these characteristics that ensure Overland’s commitment to creating maximum satisfaction for their customers.
OVERLAND : Spirit of The Land



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